Six Creative Ways Artists Can Improve Communities by Laura Zabel, The Guardian

Six creative ways artists can improve communities
Laura Zabel, The Guardian – 2/12/15

The Guardian newspaper referred to my socially-engaged performance art piece of neighbors practicing yoga together! Below are photos of it, plus my house before and after The Laundromat Project Artist Residency — I got rid of most of the furniture to make room for “Yoga (Re)Public” to continue. The last image is new work of yoga for the hands, a flower mandala as light — Mudra Flower Shower: Chamomile (presencing sunlight, equanimity), 2014

In a line, a few humble words under The Laundromat Project paragraph, you’ll find reference to this neighborhood art-yoga project I have been doing at JH Laundromat and JH Super Laundromat, and from my living room since 2012.