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9011 35th Ave., #2k (btw. 90th/91st Streets) Buzz 028

Take elevator or stairs to 2nd Floor

Each session is capped at 5 students.
Each session is $25.
Each session is 90-minutes long.

Register early! Spots are limited.

Cash walk-ins at the door are not accepted.
You must register online for each session.


  • Thursday 11/15
    7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday 11/17
    10:30 am – 12:00 noon
  • Tuesday 11/20
    7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday 11/24
    10:30 am – 12:00 noon
  • Tuesday 11/27
    7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Thursday 11/29
    7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Each 90-minute session is limited to just 5 students. Himalayan Yoga Therapy is a simple and gentle Hatha style with attention to physical alignment via the yogic core muscles and the breath. Himalayan Energy Healing techniques are incorporated in the final third of each session.

After you register, I will ask you to do an Intake Journal for me online. It is a short set of questions about you, your body, and your goals for your yoga. From advanced students to absolute beginners, from seniors to young adults, from athletes to “those-off-the-fitness-track-for-awhile”, whether you are a brand new beginner or seasoned practitioner, Himalayan Yoga is a gentle yoga for abdominal core strength and body awareness, stress-reduction and meditation.

  • Eliminate forms of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Lose weight, and master your metabolism
  • Increase your bone density, and range of motion
  • Free body from current pain, and past injuries
  • Increase lung capacity, and breath more easily
  • Improve concentration, and personal energy level
  • Align your spine

Himalayan Yoga is not a tradition where the teacher proclaims him/herself a guru, and students are expected to believe whatever she says. Rather, the teachings come from the practice of yoga itself, and the student can look to their own experience of *doing* yoga to support and make sense of what the teacher says. Thus, Himalayan Yoga is, in Western terms, “Socratic” rather than “branded”.

Private Instruction

Private Yoga Therapy, one-on-one, is available by appointment for $120 for 60-minutes or $60 per 30-minute session at Suran’s Yoga Space. For Private Yoga in your home, office, or quiet space, sessions are available by appointment for $125, and last 60-minutes.

Private small group classes are also available for parties who want to book a series of sessions or a session together. Please contact Suran for more information.

Please email Suran to arrange the date of your session.

  • 30 Minute Private Yoga
    at Suran’s Yoga Space
  • 60 Minute Private Yoga
    at Suran’s Yoga Space
  • 60 Minute Private Yoga Onsite
    at Your Space

In addition to Yoga Therapy, these wellness modalities are offered:


Energy healing is an ancient art and science of fostering energetic healing of body, mind and spirit. It combines a rational knowledge and an intuitive understanding of the intricate latticework of energies in the body and in the environment for mind-body-spirit wellness, with a focus on emotional and spiritual wellbeing and growth.

Himalayan Energy Healing is a safe, simple and natural method of healing. It treats the whole person and opens the pathways for the receiver to participate in their own healing.

Sessions are usually performed one-to-one to boost one’s relationship with one’s self, although Himalayan Energy Healings may also be performed with longtime domestic partners, children, and friends who want to strengthen their relationship wholeness with each another.

Who and What Can be Treated With Energy Healing

Everyone can benefit from an energy healing session. Energy healing helps boost your vitality and well-being and induces a deep state of relaxation. It calms the emotions and nervous system and can release energy blocks. It can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine and/or other healing modalities.

Energy healing has positive effects on things such as stomachaches, pain and anxiety, to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

What is a Session Like?

Each session is different. The experience varies from one person to another. However, feelings of deep relaxation and a flow of energy through the body are usually felt by all.

The client remains fully clothed and usually lies down, but treatments can also be given while the client is seated. If the client is in the hospital for example, the bed will work as well. Suran works in the auric field above the body and certain meridian points to facilitate the flow of energy. In some sessions mantras may be chanted.

The session usually lasts 90 minutes. Suran will guide the session in the way that is most useful for the client and for his/her highest good. To make an appointment or for further information, please contact Suran.


    If you are looking to increase your core strength for your yoga practice, this is a great class to start doing just that! This course really lets you understand how to develop Mulabandha and Uddiyana Bandha for yoga’s chaturanga dandasana and ashtanga namaskara (vinyasa flows) — it builds torso strength and flexibility from the inside out — with the core strengtheners of the bandhas.

    Joseph Pilates invented pilates from YOGA which he studied deeply while interned in a British concentration camp during WWI. Pilates is his offering of his own understanding of the bandhas. He was all about the yogic core!

    Suran offers private pilates sessions, as well as special seasonal small group packages of sessions 3 times a year (late-fall, mid-winter, late-spring). Email Suran if you would like to receive announcements for the chance to enroll in the seasonal pilates packages.

    8 Fold Path8 Fold Path

    Suran offers private meditation sessions, as well as special seasonal small group packages of sessions 2 times a year. Please email with any questions and for more information.

    Using Meditation to Bring Peace and Tranquility To Your Daily Life

    Meditation is a methodology of revolutionizing your senses. It is a discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the conditioned “thinking self” into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.

    Each year thousands of people learn various meditation techniques to help bring freedom and imperturbability into their daily lives. According to Dean Ornish, M.D., “Meditation is a safe and simple way to alleviate the symptoms of stress. It can aid in relieving insomnia, has been found to lower blood pressure and helps people with asthma breathe easier.”

    Meditation practice can help develop deep concentration, clarity of thinking, and a more positive mental state and way of being. For those interested in deepening their spiritual practice, meditation can be a way to quiet the mind and open the door to the divine.

    If you would like instruction in meditation or to combine a meditation session with yoga or energy healing, please contact Suran.


    Since 2008, Suran has taught yoga in diverse settings to a wide range of students of all shapes and ages: from Olympic swimmers at Asphalt Green to Chair Yoga and Bedtop Yoga for senior citizens at Lenox Hill House in Manhattan, in spas such as Couples Swept Away, Negril to Canyon Ranch Resort, Tucson, from after-school programs in private schools on the Upper East Side, to public schools in East New York, from settings such as churches like Middle Collegiate Church to neighborhood stores like JH Laundromat. She is also certified as an Elementary School Teacher, Grades 1-6, and as an Art Specialist, K-12 through a consortium of Parsons School of Design, Teacher’s College, and Bank Street. Suran really enjoys teaching.

    Suran Song is a visual artist who, in 1996 when she took her first yoga class in Princeton, could not bend to touch her knees without tightness. Upon moving to New York City in 2002 she found Himalayan Yoga. Because Himalayan Yoga is transmitted with a strong visual art component, she found it instantly recognizable, which had not been the case in her previous encounters of yoga taught by dancers and gymnasts.

    In 2004, she undertook an intensive three-year Himalayan teacher-training course, one-to-one with her Guru, where she studied the classical sun-salute forms A, B, C, and D and poses in Sanskrit through the lens of body, speech, and mind: anatomy of movement, art of energy management, and loving-kindness meditation with the emphasis of yoga not only as limbering aerobic exercise, but also as holistic therapy for healing.

    Her video bio is available courtesy of Ogilvy

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