Exchanges: dialogues between poetry and art

Original fine art by Suran Song Studio at

Suran Song, 2023. I Undo Dreams of Destruction! Lu-Oh! (Chocolate from Duchamp! Sky from Magritte! Poetry from Taneum Bambrick!) Photographic blueprint enlargement, pillowcases, doorknob sign, sky print, post-consumer material. Dimensions are flexible to suit each edition space. Edition of 3.

Taneum Bambrick’s poem, entitled, Biological Control Task and The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, the masterpiece by Duchamp, inspired this sculpture. The Ancient Greek verb λύω pronounced (lu-oh), which can mean to free, to destroy, to undo, or to unbind, occupies a new dream for The Bride. Instead of being put through The Chocolate Grinder by The Nine Malic Molds of the Bachelors, she metabolises liberation, hangs their chocolate tray, and drinks sky.