Suran Song: Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement

Ancient Greek, horticultural interpretation, Sanskrit, the civics of politics, punk rock, math in alternative bases, and block chain technology are all strong influences on my work. I am interested in manifesting philoxenia into forms that are not possible in conventional modes of conditioned perceptions and intentions. My work involves researching methodologies for art and sound to interface form and soul with matter and capacity toward that start.

I am also inspired by my routine practice of mantra meditation, which serves as a primary medium in my creative process, as another artist might use paint or the brush. My work encompasses painting, installation, melodic punk pop music, soundtrack, photography, sculpture, video, and performance art. I am interested in engaging with the public by making experiential art that transcends the viewer. Working in a multitude of disciplines further allows me to continually test the boundaries of the senses and the embrace of the breath, core elements that inform my artistic path.