Suran Song: Artist’s Statement

Flower Shower Mandala: Cosmos

Cosmos, 2014

Sanskrit and the civics of politics are both strong influences on my work. I am interested in manifesting love into forms that are not possible in conventional modes of conditioned perception, intention, and behaviors. I am also inspired by my routine practice of Yoga, which serves as a primary medium in my creative process, as another artist might use paint or the brush. My work encompasses printmaking, painting, installation, sculpture, photography, video, and performance art. I am interested in engaging with the public by making experiential art that transcends the viewer. Working in a multitude of disciplines further allows me to continually test the boundaries of the senses, the embrace of Sanskrit and the breath, all core elements that inform my artistic path.

My video work, Sidewalk Video Mandalastransmit, as well as Flower Shower present an intense optic sensation comprised of vibrant colors that have been derived from nature’s unique and incomparable palette. The colors selected are often used in yogic therapy to transmit uplifting and healing vibrations. Flower Shower offers a unique opportunity to discover and fully experience a spectrum of color and organic patterns. In Sidewalk Video Mandalastransmit, one makes their way through the piece, essentially becoming part of the piece, along their walking path.

Ms. Song earned a BFA from University of The Arts in 1990, International Teacher’s Certification in Himalayan Yoga, and an MFA from Parsons School of Design. She is a student of Sanskrit, and yoga instructor.